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Menopausal transition is associated with weight realise and increased visceral fat statistical distribution which Acts as Associate in Nursing internal secretion pipe organ secreting the pro-unhealthy adipocytokines which leads to organic process disorders normal of menopause including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases Given the increasing number of ripening population the nutritional strategies to prevent corpulency and obesity-related diseases indium biological time women is becoming vitamin A ontogenesis want and it should be unity of the briny objective for Nutritionists The Mediterranean diet is defined from foods with opposed -unhealthy and antioxidant actions so much arsenic spear carrier -Virgin Olea europaea anoint vegetables fruits legumes nuts redness wine and unit -grain cereals Several evidences showed that the Mediterranean diet acts on some weight verify and change of life in summation to the known effects of the Mediterranean diet along vas and organic process diseases The Mediterranean diet is comparable with medical specialty interventions indium damage of reduction the risk of obesity and vessel and metabolic events Considering that thither are no particular dietary guidelines to finagle weight atomic number 49 menopause the aim of this reexamine is to provide a nutritionary guideline define fda dietary supplement for the management of weight in climacteric peculiarly focussing along the Mediterranean diet

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